We believe all women have a story and all women should have a voice. Women Pension Trustees are more than just fiduciaries. For some the role as fiduciaries is our second or third or even fourth role among the other jobs we are compensated and not compensated for. Regardless if this is your first go at the rodeo or you have been around for a while we all share a common desire to do good in this world and to maximize retirement assets for our members.

Our background and our back story informs who we are and that informs what we will bring to our board member conversation. It will inform how we choose to vote, why we vote, when we may abstain from a vote and what issues we align ourselves with. How we interact with the men in the room is directly related to how we have been treated by them over the course of our lives and how we view the world and our place in society.

Women may be mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, granddaughters, CEO’s, lawyers, doctors, teachers, leaders, etc. and we are enriched by each and every role that is ours.

As women fiduciaries we are often the minorities in the room but in this group we can come together to learn from one another, exchange ideas and honor our differences with the knowledge that we as women should define ourselves by who we want to be and where we come from and not simply how others view us.

Together let’s support, encourage and work with one another so we can all become the women we are meant to be and the fiduciaries our members have come to trust and rely on.

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