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Atara Twersky, is Director of Institutional Investor Services and Of Counsel at AF&T since 2007. In her role as Director of Investor Services, Atara concentrates her practice in securities litigation and advises public and private institutions throughout the world concerning shareholder rights as they relate to class action and individual direct action claims arising under U.S. federal and state laws. Atara works hard to ensure that all her clients understand the many different avenues of portfolio recoveries and she leaves no stone unturned in educating her clients on the best ways to ensure that their investment portfolio remains healthy and robust. 

Atara is a frequent speaker on securities litigation issues, particularly in regard to the rights and responsibilities of institutional investors. Atara has addressed the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems, the Native American Finance Conference and the Florida Public Pension Trustees Association. She is the author of the article “Custodians Leave Investor Money on the Table” (PERSist, National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems, Fall 2009) detailing the many issues that may arise when pension funds rely solely on their custodians to monitor their stock portfolio. Atara is the host of Pensions and Investments Podcast where she uses her platform to educate her investment community, interviewing industry professionals, including CEO’s, Executive Directors, General Counsel and others who can help provide insights and share their experiences on all matters relating to their investment portfolio recoveries.

Atara is also a mom of 3 school age children and the author of the popular children’s book series, Curlee Girlee, inspired by her own young daughter and written for all curly girls in an effort to ensure they love their hair and all their unique features and are empowered to become the strong confident women of tomorrow!

Atara loves being a lawyer and connecting with investors from around the globe.  Atara’s own father was a NYC teacher so she understands the Pension Fund World as a true insider and she approaches her work and portfolio recoveries  with a true understanding  that the many public fund members are people just like her dad!


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