As a child, Richard Wilson was already attending his father’s business meetings. By the time he was in High School, Richard was an entrepreneur and by the age of 21, he was earning 6 figures. From risk consulting to raising capital, Richard ventured himself into the world of top family offices with the goal of providing trends in structuring deals and opportunities for wealthy family offices to connect with each other, share insights, and learn from each other’s ups and downs. Richard Wilson is the Founder and CEO of The Family Office Club—the #1 largest association of over 2000 top family offices and registered ultra-wealthy families. He also represents private investors with an average net worth of $22 million. Richard is also a best-selling author of an important book in the field of family wealth titled “How To Start A Family Office”. If you are working for a top family office or are principal in one, this episode is a “must-listen-to”!

Show Notes:

  • 01:29 – Richard shares how he started getting into ‘family offices’

    • Richard has been an entrepreneur all his life. He started 5 businesses before going out of high-school.
    • He grew up reading Inc magazine and loved to join his father’s business meetings.
    • When he got into risk consulting making 6 figures at the age of 61, he realized that he can’t do it for the rest of his life and decided to do another career change.
    • Richard stumbled upon the term ‘family office’ on his new career and realized that he might as well only talk to people with the most capital.
    • He then realized that there is no guide on how to talk and reach out to those people and eventually started a website where he shared his insights meeting family offices and parlayed into different ventures throughout the years.
  • 03:58 – How Richard overcame the challenges working with high-net-worth clients

    • Richard noticed that one way of adding value to his clients is by letting them know the trends, corporate structures, etc.
    • He started hosting conferences called ‘Family Office Club’ and positioned themselves as the leader in the industry
    • They created a LinkedIn group with 100k members
  • 05:23 – A specific investment strategy that sets private investors apart from public institutional funds

    • Family office can play strong offence in the areas where they create their wealth
    • The smartest people he knows do this:
      • They look at how they created their wealth,
      • What skillset, distribution, expertise got them there
      • They choose industries like real estate, manufacturing.
    • They will diversify greatly but 30-40% of their net worth are in offence in an industry where they know they have an edge.
    • The rest of the portfolio acts as a defense against market forces


  • 08:40 – Are the family offices still invested in equities or has the trend changed?

    • Family offices tend to move towards more real estate when stock market prices are high
    • They try to build a platform company where that dominates a small niche

    09:45 – How can a venture capitalist build relationships with an ultra-wealthy family

    • Find angles where you can provide value first
    • So many people mess up by attending conferences and just pitch themselves

    14:36 – Million-dollar mistakes that ultra-families make

    • A lot of them will start investing in everything without any focus
    • They think that they are diversifying by investing in startups that are very high-risk
    • They trust people who have immediate access around them vs people who work in the family offices.

    17:02 – Is social responsibility a big factor in the private investors?

    • Many families don’t focus on it currently, but it will grow over time
    • The younger generation of investors are into it but it’s a delicate balance


    19:55 – Did fintech changed the way investors are investing?

    • In 2021, it turned a lot of family offices in to crypto and blockchain
    • A lot of families put a certain percentage into crypto just to have a position in case it grows


    21:42 – How covid changed the investment industry

    • Lots of meetings via Zoom, almost to a fault
    • People are more comfortable investing meeting face-to-face
    • There is an urgency to get capital to work because of inflation


    22:55 – Richard’s upcoming ‘Family Office Super summit’

    • Their biggest event of the year where there are 500 professionals on venue
    • There are 2 billionaires on stage,4 heads of publicly traded companies, Sharks from Shark Tank, etc.


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