Kathryn Sollmann: a Founder, Coach, Speaker, an Advocate, a Woman

Women in Business need to support one another!  We are on the same team and Kathryn Sollmann, founder of The 4 Jobs Club, an online community of women assists women in navigating their many roles as moms, caregivers, and career women.  Kathryn, quoted in the NY Times,  is the author of the book “Ambition Redefined: Why the Corner of Office is Not for Every Woman & What to Do Instead”.  If you are a woman with any type of job and other responsibilities (who isn’t?!!) this episode is for you! 

Show notes

00:58 – Kathryn shares her backstory and the missing piece in the investment world for women

  • Most women who work in the investment world are aware in the idea that you are working for long term financial security
  • In the investment world, women are afraid to talk about having “4 jobs”.
  • Kathyn started “The 4 Jobs Club” to put a spotlight on women who have 4 jobs and just can’t go to work and have tunnel vision, unlike men who can.\
  • Women are wired differently than men

05:48 – The 4 Jobs that women handle everyday

  • There are 4 jobs that women handle everyday: paid job, children, aging parents, and household
  • These 4 jobs are pulling at women every day and women in the investment world afraid to talk about it that because they don’t want other people to see them weak
  • There are a lot of women in senior positions that have husbands who are stay-at-home

10:37 – You cannot delegate everything

  • As a mother of 3 children, Atara shares that you can’t delegate everything, and all your children need you.
  • There’s a priceless thing that you get when you have a time with your kids – the children talking about their day, the emotion, stories, etc.
  • Women are being influenced by the idea called “Power Sisterhood” where women need to be super ambitious. However, there are very few women who wants 24/7 jobs but not because they are not ambitious, it’s because they have 4 jobs unless you want to delegate.

16:36 – How the pandemic highlighted the responsibilities of women

  • Women started talking about their roles in the house with their bosses

19:12 – Kathryn’s thoughts on people who don’t have the ability to work at home during pandemic

  • Companies need to think about the other necessities need by their employees
  • Childcare still needs to be considered by the companies
  • Companies need to think outside the box to help their employees especially on this pandemic
  • Communication between company and employee needs to be improved


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