Have you suffered significant losses in Eargo, Inc. stock investments?  This is your opportunity to recover your losses and join our class action – NO FEES!

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Twersky Law Group/NEW YORK, NY, a premier shareholder protection and loss recovery law firm, is investigating claims for FREE on behalf of all investors who purchased Stock in  (this is specific to this stock)  Iterum Therapeutics PLC during the class period of 11/30/2020-07/23/2021, dates inclusive. This is an opportunity for investors within this class period who have suffered losses in Iterum stock to recover losses, preserve their rights and lead this class action lawsuit. Iterum Therapeutics PLC (“Iterum Therapeutics,” “Iterum” or the “Company”) is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that develops various drugs to combat diseases.

THERE ARE WAYS FOR YOU TO MAXIMIZE YOUR LOSS RECOVERY AND PRESERVE YOUR RIGHTS WHILE ALSO PROTECTING THE INTERESTS OF OTHER ITERUM INVESTORS: The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (PSLRA) allows any investor who purchased stock in Iterum Therapeutics during the designated Class Period to seek to be appointed as the lead plaintiff in this Iterum Therapeutics class action lawsuit and to file claims in the pending lawsuit and preserve her/his/its individual rights. A lead plaintiff will generally be an individual or entity that has experienced the greatest loss and will therefore have the greatest financial interest in the relief that is being sought by the Class. This plaintiff must also be an adequate representative of the Class that will act on behalf of all other members of the Class in the lawsuit. If you wish to protect your rights and be in a position to maximize your recovery while serving as the lead plaintiff in this lawsuit against Iterum, you must move the Court on or before October 4, 2021.

The Twersky Law Group and Atara Twersky, Esq.  possess extensive experience in prosecuting investor class actions and securities fraud cases.

As a board member for a large public pension fund I had the privilege of working with Atara as portfolio monitoring and securities litigation counsel.  Atara’s hard work recovered very significant money for our fund increasing our overall portfolio!

Board member of U.S. Public Retirement System

Working with Atara for over five years I can honestly say that she’s a cut above the others- atara cares about her clients and understands the best ways to recover their losses in a way that makes sense for them.  As counsel to the fund, I had a front row seat to Atara’s work in portfolio monitoring and securities litigation.  You will not find a better lawyer for your shareholder recoveries.

General Counsel to a U.S. Public Retirement System.

ABOUT TWERSKY LAW GROUP: Atara Twersky, Esq., Principal at Twersky Law Group has been successfully and thoughtfully  representing clients across the globe in securities, antitrust and shareholder litigation.  Atara treats each client and each case with attention and care to every detail. Atara is the host of the popular podcast, Pensions and Investments Podcast, where she provides her listeners and clients with timely, practice-leading and the most relevant information on matters affecting their investment portfolios and methods for increasing shareholder recoveries and value.  For more information on Twersky Law Group, visit our website or contact Atara via phone at (212) 365-0588.


We will evaluate your losses and provide a case analysis for FREE



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