Fahem Almusa, Auditor at Crowe Mak, Talks About Business Opportunities in Dubai

Fahem Almusa Auditor at Crowe Mak, Show notes

01:25 – Fahem, of Crowe Mak, shares his experiences about how Dubai opened business and economic opportunities

  • Fahem came in Dubai around 1999 when Dubai was still putting infrastructures, roads, and free zones
  • Fahem is now auditor at Crowe Maks
  • Dubai is a multinational/cultural city because of foreign workers working for Dubai’s development
  • Fahem also talks about the security for the people with different culture/religion
  • Dubai is like New York as the “city that never sleeps Lockdowns in Dubai during pandemic and opening again on June 2020

6:17 – Where the trend is going for western institutional investors and what sectors should they look at

  • Dubai is still booming and there is abundance of opportunities/projects to invest
  • You don’t need to spend fortune to buy property whether it’s a residential or commercial
  • The way of doing business in Dubai is western being the English is the main language and Arabic
    is the second
  • Most of the large Middle Eastern companies are also located in Dubai
  • If you work in Dubai, you don’t pay any tax

13:55 – How the Gulf states also extremely focused on alternative energy and climate initiatives

  • Fahem of Crowe Mak says Dubai does not depend on oil. As Dubai is a commercial city, only 10-15% of the annual budget comes from oil. The main source of income is tourism
  • Electric cars are increasingly popular in Dubai
  • Plastic use has been minimized to lessen the environmental impact
  • Dubai has strict guidelines in cars, zero emission as much as possible

18:01 – The shift where money is coming into the region rather than the oil money going out of the region

  • There is a shift with money coming in and more big projects coming with other countries like Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia
  • Everything is negotiable with the government that’s why investors are flocking says Fahem of Crowe Mak

20:00 – Is economic growth possible despite ongoing conflicts in the Middle East?

  • UAE doesn’t want to get involved with other countries’ conflict in the region says Fahem of Crowe Mak
  • UAE is Switzerland of the Middle East

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