The word attorney conjures up many images, some less likable than others.   Sometimes this distaste for lawyers is rooted in reality and other times it is not.  But every now and again you will meet a lawyer who has changed course and taken a new route and this change informs who they become in the next chapter of their life.  My guest, Blair Nicholas, was one of my former legal competitors (friendly ones of course at Bernstein Litowitz law firm) and yet we crossed over into real conversation as Blair shares his journey in finding a new path as a Vineyard owner and the deep connection he feels with the land in Dundee Hills Oregon. I knew Blair before our conversation, but today I met a man that showed me how complex we can all be given the opportunity!

Show Notes For Blair Nicholas

  • 00:55 – Blair shares his backstory and why he changed his career as a winemaker

    • After years of enjoying the practice of law at Bernstien Litowitz and the feeling that you reach all your professional goals, Blair realized that it’s time to focus on family and search for a new adventure and at the right place and time, the vineyard farming and winemaking practices came up.
    • Blair took the journey of learning the ins and outs of vineyard farming and winemaking
    • Vineyard farming became the perfect pursuit because his family also want to be involved in the business
    • “it’s not a financial goal more of a lifestyle and passion pursuit”
  • 07:54 – Blair’s advice on choosing a second career

    • Over the course of your life, you will find certain things that you really enjoy doing and if you enjoyed it pursue it and make it as a new career if it makes you happy
    • Since leaving the law practice at Bernstein Litowitz, he missed the camaraderie, the client interaction, competitors, mentors, etc.
    • People in the wine-making community are mostly on their second chapter of their careers and this changes their interactions with others
  • 13:33 – Why farming is a family business, why it’s also a dying industry, and how to survive

    • Farming is a difficult business because of the environmental impacts and the prices fluctuate dramatically
    • Farming a high-risk, high reward business
    • Farming can really ground you. If you have a strong interest in something, you can spend hours focusing on it.
  • 16:55 – Blair’s advice for securities litigators and how to find  your most meaningful life

    • As a lawyer at Bernstein Litowitz, Blair recognizes how difficult it was to wake up every day and be in adversarial mode
    • You must take care of yourself not only your physical health but also your mental  and emotional health

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