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Shareholder Protection

Investors can protect their stock portfolios by having great consultants and investing in well researched companies; but they can also protect their investments through smart, targeted shareholder recovery plans. You may think you are doing this already but at Twersky Law Group we do it differently and that matters!

Maximize Asset Returns

The Twersky Law Group expertly manages and maximizes your litigation opportunities arising from losses in your investment portfolios. We understand that these opportunities are an asset class like any other requiring attention to your individual objectives and circumstances.

Twersky Law Firm - Atara Twersky esq.

“I actually didn’t think that in the class action area it would be possible to enhance returns, and in fact (Atara and) AF&T did significantly increase the returns that the funds experienced…”


General Counsel of $215 Billion Mutual Fund


Public Pension Fund Reform, Part 2

Public Pension Fund Reform, Part 2

Is your Public Pension Fund underfunded?  Len Gilroy is the Vice President of government reform Reason Foundation. In this episode, listen in as we continue our conversation on pension reform and...

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